Cable Access Flooring

ecotile-cable-access-brochure-getThe Eco Access Cable Management flooring system is perfect for new projects or renovations – ideally suited to all general, commercial and public areas including offices, schools, call centres, computer and server rooms, data centres, casinos, clubs and gaming rooms, training and educational facilities etc.

Product ID: ECO CA-600R / CA-500R / CA-400R

Environmentally friendly
Cable access floor tiles are manufactured from recycled polypropylene. Main components are also 100% recyclable.

Quick and easy installation
Simple interlocking design – minimal downtime. Labor saving: requires approximately half the labor time compared to installation of conventional raised flooring.

Download Brochure (PDF 1.2MB)    SS60 Service Box Info Brochure (PDF)    SS60 Section Drawing (PDF)


(1) Before installation…


(2) Positioning Unipanels on Base Connectors


(3) Installing Centre Caps. Cables run through channels…


(4) Attaching Flank Caps to finish sub floor…


(5) Before floorcovering is laid over top. Cables are invisible…


(6) Finished with Carpet Squares. Access power via Service Box.

Product Description & Specs:


I. Environmentally Friendly and cost-effective

  • Fully Recycled and 100% recyclable
  • ECO cable access series meets the highest standards of Green Building Materials. UniPanel (main pic) is made of recycled polypropylene. The system has been approved and ECO Mark listed in Japan.

II. Simplicity – Interlocking and fully accessible Cable Trenches

  • Reticulated 90 mm in width, four-way grid-pattern Cable Trenches are formed every 600 mm (24″) on centre.
  • Steel Cable Trench Caps, Central Cap and Flank Cap, are easily installed, just laid by hand to cover the Cable Trenches.
  • The fully accessible Cable Trench Caps are designed to be firmly installed on UniPanel, and securely protec running cables inside the trenches.
  • All main components, UniPanel, Cable Trench Caps, Base Connector are interchangeable.

UniPanel composed of 16 sub-panels, 64 built-in pedestals, 10 time higher Uniform Loading than traditional raised access floor.

4-way Base Connector to connect corner foot of UniPanel (main panel). Reticulated, grid-form Cable Trench formed automatically.

Both Central Cap and Flank Capare fully accessible, interchangeable. Users can lift the caps easily without using special tools.

Continuous interlocking processto lay UniPanels on the floor.Follows the floor contour. No leveling is needed.

III. Retain your ceiling height

System Height Cable Trench Width Cable Trench Clearance
CA-600R 60 mm (2.36″) 90 mm (3.54″) 90 mm (3.54″)
CA-500R 50 mm (1.97″) 90 mm (3.54″) 45 mm (1.77″)
CA-400R 40 mm (1.57″) 90 mm (3.54″) 35 mm (1.37″)

System heights 40 mm ~ 60 mm, retain ceiling height and provide high cable capacity.

IV. Quick Installation – minimal downtime

Professional install option or DIY. In the case of renovations, installation may be proceeded room by room or area by area. Full height dry wall or de-mountable partition shall be erected on top of the system. Partitions will not interrupt cable distribution.

V. Cost Effective

Labor saving: only 1/2 installation labor time to conventional raised floor. One installer can complete 70 to 90 sq. meters (750 ~ 950 SF) per working day.
Low initial cost: 2/3 materials costs and half labor costs compared to traditional raised access floor.

Low maintenance: Maintenance costs of the ECO series are negligible or non-existant.

100% reusable

In case of renovation or re-location, all main components, except sound attenuation blanket, can be removed easily and reused.

VI. Users Friendly – Free extension of cables through any Flank Cap

Cables have free extension through cable trenches, to connect to open office low partitions, full partitions, workstations, desktops etc by simply replacing the Flank Cap with Exit-Cap (Flank Cap with 60 mm diameter opening).

Lifting and replacing of trench caps is easy. A screwdriver is usually adequate to do the job..


Half-height partition on ECO series power, data, voice cables distributing under the floor, neat and no limitation.


Full height partition erected on top, by fastening floor track to the UniPanel.


In case the partition lays on Cable Trench, drill at floor track and steel trench cap, fasten by < 12 mm length self drilling screw.

Accommodates all types of workstations, half-height / full-height partitions.

1. Routing cables from any point of Cable Trench to extend through Exit-Cap to extend to partition, wall base, desk top, or workstation:


Cable extends through Exit-Cap and grommet.


Extension through Exit-Cap to desk top or workstation.


Extension through Exit-Cap to full or half height partition.


2. Service box installed at Cable Trench by just replacing one Flank Cap. Cables extended from Cable Trench to connect at service box. SB603 accommodates 2 x 110 volts power sockets and 3 x Cat. 5 or Cat. 6 data jacks; SB403 accommodates 2 x 110 volts power sockets and 2 x Cat. 5 or Cat. 6 data jacks; SS60 accommodates 4 x 240 volt power sockets 16A,240V

SS60 Service Box Info Brochure (PDF)
SS60 Section Drawing (PDF)


3. Surface floor coverings: commercial rate carpet tile or vinyl tile. Commercial rate vinyl tile minimum 4.5 mm thick is suitable as surface floor covering for ECO series, as an alternative to carpet tile.

Main Components & Accessories:

UniPanel (main panel)
CA611R: 60 mm high
CA511R: 50 mm high

Central Cap
Size: 148 x 148 mm

Base Connector
CA415 / AD615
Size: 169 mm x 169 mm

Flank Cap
Size: 223 mm x 120 mm

Sound Attenuation Blanket AD331
2 mm thick PU foam, 1 metre width

Exit-Cap & Grommet
AD613-60 & AD-518
install at Cable Trench by replacing Flank Cap

Steel Ramp, Aluminum Ramp Rail and Aluminum Free Standing:

AD625: 60mm high
AD525: 50mm high
CA425: 40mm high

Free Standing
AD621: 60mm high
AD521: 50mm high
CA421: 40mm high

eco-p05-05Ramp Rail


Starting Cap
Install at starting Rows

Starting cap used to conceal gaps at the beginning of cable trenches

Edge Rail
for less than 80mm residual
AD623: 60 mm high
AD523: 50 mm high
CA423: 40 mm high

Installation – Floor Plan

  1. Installation of the ECO series cable access tiles is quick, easy and cost-effective. Following is the basic procedure for a typical floor plan.
  2. Select two longest right-angle walls as starting lines for first rows full size UniPanel.
  3. First step, apply Sound Attenuation Blanket.
  4. Then, plan the first piece UniPanel at the right-angle or recess to measure the 2 starting lines as shown in the drawing below. Connect first row UniPanel by half-size Base Connector along the starting walls. Allow 2 mm clearance between UniPanel and wall in order to avoid squeeze due to deviation of the wall.
  5. Continuous connection of UniPanel by Base Connector is simple. Steel Trench Cap may be installed before or after routing of cables.
  6. Ramps and perimeters installation plan also shown below:



ECO series consists of UniPanel (refer page 01 above), Base Connector,Central Cap, Flank Cap, Ramp, Sound Attenuation Blanket and all necessary accessories. System when assembled is suitable for use in general office buildings and school, except areas designed for fire escapes or lifts.

Module: 600mm x 600mm (24″ x 24″)

System CA-600R CA-500R CA-400R
Height 60mm (2.36″) 50mm (1.57″) 40mm (1.57″)
Cable Trench width 90mm (3.54″) 90mm (3.54″) 90mm (3.54″)
Cable Trench clearance 55mm (2.16″) 45mm (1.77″) 35mm (1.37″)

Main Components:

UniPanel: made of fire retard, recycled polypropylene.
CA-611R: size 510 x 510 x 60mm (20.08″ x 20.08″ x 2.36″)
CA-511R: size 510 x 510 x 50mm (20.08″ x 20.08″ x 1.97″)
CA-411R: size 510 x 510 x 40mm (20.08″ x 20.08″ x 1.57″)
Base Connector: Size 169 x 169 x 15mm (6.65″ x 6.65″ x 0.59″) Made of recycled polycarbonate plus ABS.
Central Cap: Size 148 x 148mm (5.82″ x 5.82″),
2.3 mm (0.09″) thick steel, re-enforced ribs corrosion resistance treatment by electro-deposition, black
Flank Cap: Size 223 x 119.7mm (8.78″ x 4.71″),
2.3 mm (0.09″) thick steel, re-enforced ribs corrosion resistance treatment by electro-deposition, black
Sound Attenuation Blanket: 2.0mm (0.08″) thickness.


Ramp, Starting Cap, Edge Rail, Aluminum Ramp Rail, Aluminum Free Standing, Exit-Cap, Edge Trimmer, etc., to support quick and efficient installation by least cutting at perimeters.

Surface floor covering: on top of ECO series

Commercial carpet tile: such as Milliken, Interface, Burmatex…
Commercial rate vinyl tile: thickness > 4.0 mm
Hard floorings such as marble, granite, wood, are not suitable.


Fire Retardant

UniPanel: Meet NFPA 253 class A rating as test in accordance with ASTM E-648 Critical Radiant Flux.
Meet BS 476, Part 7, B2
Central Cap: non-conbustible
Flank Cap: non-conbustible

Concentration Load:

Test in accordance with ASTM E-196 (2″ plate)
UniPanel CA-611R: 400 kg < 2.5 mm depression
UniPanel CA-511R: 360 kg < 2.5 mm depression
UniPanel CA-411R: 360 kg < 2.5 mm depression
Central Cap: 300 kg < 2.0 mm depression
Flank Cap: 300 kg < 2.0 mm depression

Concentration Ultimate Load:

CA-611R UniPanel > 700 kg
CA-511R UniPanel > 600 kg
CA-411R UniPanel > 600 kg

UniForm Ultimate Load:

CA-611R UniPanel > 200 psi
CA-511R UniPanel > 150 psi
CA-411R UniPanel > 150 psi

5 years warranty (except when product is subject to abuse, negligence, abnormal use and not under Ecotile’s installation instruction)

In pursuit of quality improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to vary specifications without prior notice.

Patent granted

Japan: Utility Model No. 3032638
Australia: Invention Patent No. 679415
France: Invention Patent No. 97 99 255
Taiwan: Invention Patent No. 127700
South Africa: Invention Patent No. 97/020
USA: Invention Patent No. 5.630.300
Germany: Utility Model No, 29520105.5
UK: Invention Patent No. 2309042
China: Utility Model No. ZL96200625.4
Patent pending: All other industrial nations


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