Ecotile Multipurpose

Ecotile is an attractive and hard-wearing interlocking floor tile designed to allow quick and simple installation without the need for gluing. Completely portable, Ecotile is suitable for any environment.

Available in eight primary colours and two surface textures Ecotile will create a smart low maintenance floor finish that has a significantly longer life span than conventional vinyl or carpet options.

Key Benefits:

  • Smart and modern appearance
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Good anti-slip properties
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly, high re-cycled content.
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Flexible, add or remove tiles to suit your changing requirements
  • Protects your existing floor from damage
  • Ideal for installation over damp, uneven or oily substrates
  • A cost-effective and long-term flooring solution


  • Retail, POS, Exhibition and Display flooring
  • Shops, Schools & Colleges
  • Passenger Terminals
  • Offices
  • Public Buildings Sports & Leisure Centres
  • Mining Industrial, Showroom flooring.

Profiles and Colour Selection


Pictured: Two profiles available – Raised Disc (left) and Embossed

Composition & Manufacture

Ecotile is injection moulded using either virgin, recycled or a combination of both virgin and recycled material.

Standards & Accreditation

Meets & exceeds requirements. BS EN685:1996 (Resilient & laminate floor coverings) BS EN649:1997 (Resilient floor coverings. Homogenous & heterogeneous pvc floor coverings)

Life Cycle Cost

Ecotile is a loose laid system so in the event of damage or excessive wear individual tile can be lifted and replaced significantly extending the life of the floor and reducing the life cycle cost.


Ecotile is 100% recyclable, at the end of its service life the tiles can be granulated and re-used to manufacture a new floor. Most floor coverings only have a limited life span due to wear or the building occupier’s wishes to refurbish or alter the buildings appearance. Most waste floor coverings will end up in land fill due to the fact that once it has been adhered to the floor it cannot be re-used. Not only can Ecotile be recycled but there is a strong market for pre-owned tiles.

Anticipated Service Life

25 years +

Recycled Content

Black 100%
Light/Dark Grey 75-100%
Colours 50-100%
Percentage may vary subject to availability and quality of recycled material.

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Environmental Impact

During 2007, 20,000 tons of waste was recycled in the UK alone. This was made up of post consumer and post industrial waste.

Product Summary – Tiles

Manufacturing: Injection Moulding
Material: PVC (up to 50% recycled)
Thickness: 7mm
Tile Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm
Floor Area Covered Per Tile: 490mm x 490mm
Floor Area Covered Per 4 Tiles: 0.96m2
Weight: 8.3kg/m2
Hardness: >87 shore A
VoC Content
Trace elements of volatile’s from modifiers and non PVC based additives significantly lower VoC levels when compared to resin based flooring systems or the levels encountered when using adhesives to stick down conventional floor coverings.

Sound Absorption
Noise reduction of up to 46 decibels can be achieved.


All products in the Ecotile range are guaranteed to remain free from manufacturing defects for 10 years from the date of installation.


Tiles: 500mm x 500mm
Ramp: 500mm x 110mm

Product Summary – Ramps

Manufacturing: Injection Moulding
Material: PVC (up to 50% recycled)
Thickness: 7mm > 1mm
Ramp Dimensions: 500mm x 140mm
Floor Area Covered By Connected Ramps: 500mm x 130mm
Hardness: >87 shore A
Surface Texture: Smooth
Hardness: 89-92 Shore A

Fire Performance (Flame):
Ecotile does not support combustion and achieves Class 1 spread of flame when tested to BS 476-7:1997.

Anti-slip Qualities
Tested in accordance with UK slip resistance guidelines. Test Results: Potential for slip in wet condition – LOW

Abrasion Wear
Group T (<2.0mm2/100 revs) 16 EN 660-2:1999 (Resilient Floor Coverings – Determination of Wear Resistance – Frick-taber Test)

Mechanical Resistance
17N/mm2 to DIN53516 Dimensional Stability BS EN 434:1994 – Maximum change in dimension <0.1% Chemical Resistance Ecotile is resistant to most commonly used chemicals and hydrocarbons. A comprehensive chemical resistance chart is available upon request. Caution is advisable if Ketone based solvents are in use. Colour Fastness >6 ISO 105-B02:1988 (Textiles. Tests for colour fastness. Colour fastness artificial light [xenon arc fading lamp test])

Day to day cleaning uses damp mopping or rotary scrubber dryer.

Additional Information
Combustibility (AS 1530.3)

Results Regulatory Indices:
Ignitability: 15
Spread of Flame: 0
Heat Evolved: 3
Smoke Developed: 7
Thermal Expansion: 114 x 10 cm/cm/c

Castor Resistant: Suitable for office chairs with castors

Chemical Resistance: DIN 51958 Chemical Acid and Oil Resistance

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
Thermal Insulation: Heat savings up to 0.04K ca/m2/u/co
Acoustic Insulation: Noise reduction of up to 46 db

Resistance to UV: PVC is naturally resistant to UV rays