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Founded in 2007, Ecotile Australia has pioneered the introduction of dry laid interlocking flooring to the local market. With a dedicated and professional team Ecotile now enjoys rapidly expanding sales in many diverse industries including manufacturing, mining, education, commercial and retail. Over 30 years experience in the flooring industry is shared with our clients ensuring a considered solution to individual requirements.

Ecotile’s range includes anti-static (ESD) flooring, hidden joint flooring for commercial and domestic applications and a new low cost chequer plate tile for domestic garages. These products sit comfortably with Ecotile’s standard range of industrial tiles, designed to handle the toughest workplace conditions. We also have the capability to offer custom-printed tiles sealed with a tough urethane or acrylic coating. This means that if a client wants a logo or a lilly pond on the floor then that is what they will get!

Very soon we will be introducing a new range of designer tiles which we believe will set the standard in retail and domestic flooring for many years to come.

Ecotile continues to maintain a high standard of service along with expert professional advice for our clients in applications that have included tugboats and bomb disposal training rooms. We dedicate much of our resources to research and development to ensure the latest technology is applied to our growing family of flooring applications. Some of the customers who use Ecotile in their workplace include, Telstra, Australia Post, State Rail, Australian Defence, Downer EDI, Westrac, Ericsson, Eli Lily and many more.

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